Plan your powerful fourth quarter with the self discovery tool

Master the art of self promotion

Clarify your genius and build a personal brand that attracts the role, recognition and revenue you deserve.

Reconnect with your PASSIONS

Use a process of self inquiry to get a clear understanding of your unique gifts, what you love, and who you are.

Make yourself, your work, and your ideas VISIBLE.

Step into your rightful place and become the industry leader you've always wanted to be.

Attract more clients, praise and press

Adapt a proven public relations system for marketing your skills, your services or yourself.

It's time to put yourself out there.

Define your brand and get clear on what is unique and special about what you have to offer the world.

personal branding toolkit

Meet The Branding Box

Inside the Box

personal branding calendar tool

Quarterly Brand Planning Outlook

Plot your annual personal branding moves quarter by quarter with goal and revenue planning calendar

PR Calendar for media outreach

The Little Book of Brand Lessons

– 30 Lessons on business, branding and social media. Get inspiration as you confront and move past the issues that typically hold new brand-builders back.

The Personal Brand Development Toolkit

70+ pages of instructional material, how to worksheets, templates and guided exercises in a custom 3-ring binder

Brand Audio Training

Get fired up with the 60 minute jumpstart audio training and learn how to build your brand around your expertise. Apply this powerful new mindset when you dive into the personal branding toolkit's 70+ pages of guided brand building exercises, and create your annual plan quarter by quarter.

It's time to get intentional.

If you are looking to build your brand, pursue your passions and package your genius - for profit - this is the resource that ties it all together.

Media and PR How-To

Plan your media outreach even if you've never pitched the press

Quarterly Brand Planning Calendar

Plot your personal branding goals for the year

Build your digital presence

Learn how to tell your brand's story online

Praise for the branding box

The Branding Box has helped me to FOCUS and take all of the ideas that were floating around in my head and put them down on paper to make them make sense. It also gave me SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS that other similar products don’t give you.

Samantha, Arts PR Consultant

Two words: GAME CHANGING. As a coach, I highly value individuals who can help you see beyond what is visible, to what is possible. This take home branding box, along with Amanda’s recent event have really helped me see the BIG POSSIBLE PICTURE for myself and my coaching practice. I’m fired up!

Ali, Leadership Coach

At times, I struggle with putting my ideas into action but this toolkit provided a very practical strategy to acquire clients and turn those clients into revenue. The Branding Box helped me land speaking engagements and strategize for coaching sessions. It provided me with the confidence I needed to go out and secure my own clients.

Michael, Corporate Coach

I have finally packaged my service. I have also put together my email pitch and submitted an application to two photography conferences that I know are happening this year. I was able to book a speaking gig without a website or solidified services just my email pitch!

Natarsha, Photographer

Before I ordered The Branding Box, I was completely overwhelmed.The Branding Box helped me to hone in and identify the characteristics of my target audience and how to market to them. It also helped me devise a product implementation strategy and pinpointed the best ways that I could market my message based on my personality and my skill set.

Celena, Women's Empowerment Coach

I was interested in gaining an external, objective perspective that would help provide an injection of fresh new ideas into my business. The Branding Box provided me a systematic process for identifying how I could further differentiate myself in the marketplace by specifically determining what truly sets me apart and makes my type of service offerings unique.  

Kerry, Communications Consultant

I'm a supply chain expert and many clients don't initially understand what supply management is and how it can help their business become more profitable. I bought The Branding Box to get clear on my brand messaging. Going through the exercises in The Branding Box helped me to get the ideas out of my head and it helped me to identify new target markets that I had not previously considered!

Shannon, Supply Chain CEO

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