A proven personal branding system developed by an award-winning public relations professional. 

Called "PR in a Box" by ADWeek, The Branding Box was developed by a public relations professional who distilled a decade of PR knowledge into the only promotional tool you will ever need to market yourself and your services like a pro.

The Branding Box is a multimedia toolkit, home learning system and tool for self discovery.

For those who need to create more awareness of their talents or more exposure of their services, this kit provides a comprehensive and inspired breakdown of personal branding and how one can use it to master the art of self promotion, market your talents and successfully obtain more industry recognition in as little as 90 days.  

Step One: Clarify 

To attract new opportunities, you must first gain CLARITY on your unique gifts and the niche you can occupy powerfully. You will do this using our proven process of self-inquiry.

Step Two: Package

Once you're clear on your unique genius and your niche, you'll need to define your message and package it for clients, speaking engagements and the press. 

Step Three: Distribute

When your digital presence is strong, opportunities will come to you. Until that time comes, you'll need to pitch yourself to the media, conference organizers and your clients. The Branding Box shows you how.